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FOX News
Sep 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
? what role did the white house play about the covert missions to capture bin laden, did the media have a clue. and seal team six, how are the media treating his tale. the new york times public advocate tells the truth about the gray lady's bias. on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. syndicated columnist cal thomas. jim pinkerton contributing editor of of the american conservative magazine and alan coles, the author of the new book, thank the liberals for saving america and host of the alan colmes show. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> he's been loyal to his sons, to his country, to his employees, and to his church, well, i'm sure now that the press is going to tell you, he isn't perfect. but my friends, for the past four years, we tried the one that the press thought was perfect and that hasn't worked out all that well for us. that's why tonight i tell you, we can do better. >> jon: former g.o.p. presidential candidate and current fox news host, governor mike huckabee addressing the republican convention this week, remi reminding america
FOX News
Sep 1, 2012 2:30pm EDT
, a new film about the mission to capture bin laden raise $questions about more white house leaks. do the media care? answers next. on news watch. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. >> both republicans and democrats we should point out have a challenge, with the approaching storm especially the republicans, nobody can easily foerg the iconic picture of president bush on air force one, looking down at katrina. they're not going to forget that. >> we came here to tampa of course
Sep 22, 2012 11:55pm EDT
or not. these are made by folks in our state houses and in our congress and white house. who is responsible for collecting those? who is ultimately responsible for decisions they make or do not make? we are. that is our job. s. citizens of this great country, that is our most fundamental right, our most solemn obligation. we passed on this role of a billy clubs, risking his life so we could one day cast our ballots. as he put it, your vote is precious. it is the most powerful non- alignment tool we have to create a more perfect union. [applause] only as someone to vote, and they say i am too busy. besides, i voted last time. not like my vote is going to make a difference. after so many folks sacrificed so much so that we could make our voices heard, too many of us still choose not to participate. let us be clear. while we are turning out and staying home on election day, other folks are tuning in. other folks are taking politics very seriously. they are engaged on every level. they are raising money. they are in constant dialogue with elected officials. understandably, it can
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
quote profound implications for the roman catholic church. >>> polls show mitt romney's path to the white house may be narrowing. his best chance to turn the tide is wednesday's first presidential debate. with the stakes incredibly high, both candidates have begun preparing for their big night. >>> he's a former governor, action star and weight lifter. now arnold schwarzenegger is looking to become the comeback kid. he's written a memoir, but his first test comes on "60 minut " minutes." >> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship. >> will there be a second act for schwarzenegger? >>> he's the british secret agent with the best gadgets and the hottest villains. his name bond, james bond. he's turn 50 and he may be trading in his shaken martini for a beer, but still nobody does it better. >> the name is bond, james bond. >>> all that and so much more on "cbs this morning" saturday, september 29, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> i like our theme song, but the bond theme song is pretty good, too. welcome to the weekend, nice to see you. >> good to see you, too.
Sep 12, 2012 2:30am PDT
. >> the white house also denying reports that president obama snubbed netanyahu's request to meet in new york in two weeks. it just didn't happen that way. the white house could not accommodate the meeting because of the president's travel schedule. the white house insisted israel never asked for a meeting. the request was never made nor denied. >>> after observing a moment of silence on the white house south line, the president and first lady made an unscheduled stop at arlington national cemetery to pay tribute to those killed in afghanistan and iraq. vice president, joe biden, was in shanksville, pennsylvania honoring those of flight 93 with their families. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience for at least an instant the terror of that moment returns. the lingering echo of that phone call. the sense of total disbelief, it envelopes you. you feel like you are being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. my hope, my hope for you all is that as every year passes, the depth of your pain recedes. >> vice president went on to praise the heroism of the 40 passengers a
Sep 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
, there are avenues to dispute. that is the difference. >> host: what you think about the white house council on women and girls? >> guest: i think they need to have a council on men and boys. you can see the young men have lower earnings than young women. if you look at single men and single women in urban areas, the single men have lower earnings. you can see that their are far higher rates of voice dropping out of high school than girls. boys are getting less education now than girls. if the white house wants to have a council on women and girls, that's fine, as long as they have one on men and boys, too. the white house is not talking about expanding title ix to math and science. title ix on college campuses applies to sports. under title ix, colleges have to have the same number of men and women in proportion to their enrollment. it is 55% of their enrollment, 55% of the college sports have to go to women. they are talking about extending math and science. so that at 55%, again, campuses who are women, they would have 55% of science, which the white house can easily do, because title ix applies t
Sep 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
at the white house right now. we are also waiting for a statement from president obama about the death of ambassador chris stevens in addition we are also going to be hearing from mitt romney a little later. let's go to our white house correspondent, chuck todd. >> i think we will hear similar words. but it's important that you did hear from secretary clinton first, and let me tell you why. thesediplomats. there are friends and donors in the safe countries in the safe allies, and then people like chris stevens who work under any administration, democrat or republican, and this was almost an attempt bisect clinton as a morale boost to the other career diplomats that are working in countries with large muslim populations, and we could see -- and there's a heightened alert right now, where we could see more protests taking place, and there's a concern for safety of those. you can't describe sort of the state department family there, and the importance of secretary clinton speaking clearly to the diplomat folks, and they put their lives on the line and don't have weapons to fight back with
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 2:00am PDT
. the white house disavowed the statement saying it was unauthorized. the filmmaker is now in hiding. he says he is sorry about the american's death but continues to defend his film. >> thank you very much, ainsley. >>> it is time now for your 5@5:00. more than 350,000 students in chicago will go another day without being inside the classroom. teachers there continuing to strike. as the strike enters another day they cannot agree on new evaluations or recall rights for laid off teachers. union president karen lewis made her first appearance rallying with thousands of teaches and supporters. >> chicago teachers have the highest average salary of any city. another round of talks set to resume later this morning. >>> for less than two months before the presidential election the obama administration approved work permits for the first group of young illegal immigrants looking to avoid deportation. it comes three weeks after president obama's controversial policy went into effect and months ahead of schedule. so far 172,000 illegal immigrants have applied. it will cost the government $585 million
FOX News
Sep 16, 2012 3:30pm EDT
benjamin netanyahu striking back against the white house and those unwilling to issue an ultimatum to iran. once again, judy miller. monica crowley. jim pinkerton, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine. kirsten powers and richard grenell that served as press spokesman to the last four ambassadors to the u.n. rick to you first, that netanyahu story would have been the big story of the week had the embassy attacks had not occurred. what do you think about what coverage the media gave his point? >> i think it was a direct assault at president obama. you can't blame the israelis for being frustrated. here, you know the white house was scrambling before all of this mess in the middle east started with the violence and the killing of our ambassador. what was really happening is the white house was trying to say the israelis didn't really ask for a meeting in washington with president. when the president goes to the u.n. general assembly he doesn't have a lot of time to meet with the israelis. i've been involved in 8 of the last previous plannings for the president coming to t
FOX Business
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
for a full accounting of the benghazi terrorist attacks and the events in yemen and egypt. the white house continues to give every appearance of stone walling, both the congress and the press. almost three weeks have passed since those attacks, and leaked from within the white house, an intelligence community suggests the obama administration has been involved in an outright cover up. there are reports tonight that officials within the administration were concerned from the very beginning about the message the white house chose to push after the attack. the attack that was spontaneous they said, and not at all the work of terrorists. here's white house spokesman jay carney back on the 14th of september. >> the incident in benghazi, as well as elsewhere, but these are all being investigated, what i'm saying is that we have no evidence at this time to suggest otherwise, that there was a preplanned or alterior investigation behind the unrest. my point was that we don't have and did not have concrete evidence to suggest that this was not in reaction to the film. lou: he's referring to the almo
Sep 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, let's go to our political team here in charlotte. four white house correspondents, current and former, beginning with our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd down on the floor of the north carolina delegation. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. if the republican convention was all about trying to present mitt romney's softer side, the democratic convention has a different goal for the president. shoring up key parts of his voting coalition. tonight the target, hispanics and women. as workers inside the hall put finishing touches on the convention stage, democrats prepare to appeal to two key constituencies, women and hispanics, that favor the president but lack the enthusiasm they had for him four years ago. leading the charge on women, michelle obama. >> are you ready for this? >> reporter: in all, five of the prime time speakers tonight at the convention are women. charged with delivering tonight's official keynote address, julian castro, the 37-year-old mayor of san antonio. democrats hope his personal story will resonate with latinos. >> my mother worke
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 3:00pm PDT
the ambassador. today, they came home. here is senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler. >> reporter: in solemn ceremony, bodies of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans killed in the attack on the benghazi consulate returned to this country. president and secretary of state attended, the victim family members asked not to be shown. mrs. clinton said the four americans gave their lives for the country and the values. the deaths are a loss for the arab spring. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen and tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for tyranny of a mob. >> meanwhile, as violent protesters of the anti-islam film spread to u.s. missions in other muslim countries, the white house denied a report there had been warnings of the benghazi attack. >> the story is absolutely wrong. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi was planned or imminent. >> officials say it's still unclear if the attack was triggered by film or time to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary or both. and for a second
Sep 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
and what they would do. >> you report extensively on the obama white house in this book. it seems to me unlike the first three and half years that the president's record is no longer at this center of the kpanl korchl, that it is more what you call the food fight as well as the candidates go at each other, but we do have a 3 1/2-year-record. why isn't he more focused that? >> because it's complicate, deals with lots of economic issues. when this book came out, i was talking to somebody from amazon, one of the people who interview you, and they said -- normally they categorize books as red or blue. i said what do do you with this book. they said it's purple. >> you have both colors out here. >> it's purple because it's an attempt at really neutral reporting and there's lots of stuff in there that the obama team and white house have been up to, that they really don't want to focus on. and lots of stuff that republicans have been up to that they don't -- >> i'll come back to this in one second. there was a political story one week ago in which unnamed romney advisers were trashing the camp
FOX News
Sep 11, 2012 12:00pm PDT
attack. >> wendell goler at the white house. >> the .gone report that leased 1,987 u.s. troops have died in afghanistan. they started after the attacks of 9-11. earlier today at the pentagon the president said the true legacy of 9-11 will not involve fear and will not involve faith. instead we will see and i quote a safer world, a stronger nation and a people more united than ever before. dowling doug was at the pentagon this afternoon. >> the crowds have long cleared out a second ceremony just wrapped up. this was a smaller ceremony held inside the courtyard at the pentagon for the men and women who work here many of them who were here on that september 11th day 11 years ago when the plane came in just at pretop level at the point where i stand and plowed into the west front of the pentagon. secretary pineda paid tribute to many of the heros that day. >> we remember men and women like the marine major who joined others in rushing to the most heavily damaged areas. when asked by a reporter for his name, this marine said you wanted to remain anonymous. he clawed through the rubble. eviden
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, and burned the american flag and replaced it with one similar to that of al qaeda. the white house issue aid staimentd apologizing to the radicals, saying, quote, the embassy condemns misguided efforts to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. the president is at a campaign stop in las vegas. he is expected to speak on this topic. >> thank you! thank you. thank you very much. a great round of applause for the wonderful introduction. [cheers and applause] >> i also want to say it's good to see your once and next congresswoman! [cheering] it is so good to see all of you. i love you back. i do. [cheering] >> i want to begin [crowd chanting four more years]. >> thank you. thank you. [cheering] >> i want to begin tonight by just saying a few words about a tough day that we have had today. you know... we... we lost four americans last night who were killed when they were attacked at a diplomatic post in libya. and they were serving overseas on our behalf. despite the dangers, despite the risks, to help one of the world's youngest democracies got on its feet. they were working to advance the inter
Sep 22, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the meetings and phone calls and the internal discussions. a lot of discussion inside the white house. you see what they are doing. last summer on the effort to get congress to increase the authorization for spending and borrowing. the president has a private meeting with his senior staff. it is called by the people in the white house the king solomon moment. the president says that he is like king solomon. he cannot divide the baby. he has to do something to stabilize the economy. he has less leverage in these negotiations. that realization is accurate. you can see his reasoning and the debate within the white house. host: the role of john boehner last year. guest: he went to the president and he proposed tax reform, and the president said he was willing to go along with the entitlement reform. half the book is this 44 days, and economic cuban missile crisis where they are trying to do something. the end result is to push everything off, all the tough decisions to 2013. host: they come up with the sequestration plan. where're at a point automatic spending cuts go through january, 2013. we wen
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 4:00pm PDT
it to those four men to continue the long, hard work of diplomacy. >> harris: the white house says president obama has ordered a review of security at all u.s. embassies and diplomatic facilities around the world. wendell goler live at the white house now. the president and secretary clinton also sending a message to muslim leaders today. >> harris, the message is that it's the host's nation responsibility to protect diplomatic missions. president obama personally called leaders of egypt, yemen. called out egypt's leader for objecting to this anti-islam video that triggered the protest instead of apologizing for the violence. secretary clinton said the loss of the four americans in libya was also a loss for the arab spring. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen and to your knowledge did -- -- tunisia, did note thea dictator for a tyranny of a mob. reasonable people and responsible leaders in these countries need to do everything they can to restore security and hold accountable those behind these violent acts. >> the president says the u.s. won't stop helping arab countries' democratic transi
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
: a whole bunch of weapons that would be a red line. so far there is no word from the white house about whether this latest movement means syria has crossed that red line. but the white house is taking other steps. we know that to target the syrian regime. in fact, today, secretary of state hillary clinton attended a meeting at the united nations and pledged another $45 million to help the opposition in syria. those rebels who are trying to force out their brutal and bloody leader. it's fox top story and jonathan hunt is in it -- on it live at the united nations tonight. do we have any indication of what those rebels, who are opposing rat jesus' name plan to do with that money? >> well, what we are told by 15 million of the 45 million will go towards communication equipment for the rebels. something that the u.s. has previously funded. the other 30 million, according to secretary of state clinton will go toward humanitarian aid. >> as more parts of syria's control slips from the regime, to the opposition, we're supporting civilian opposition groups as they begin providing essential serv
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm EDT
and a white house that's more interested in winning a second term in office than confronting the threat that is posed by radical islamists. maybe that's why all of a sudden the state department memo has vanished from where the public can see it, because it was quickly becoming apparent that this attack was in fact, in spite of what they said, coordinated and planned. a memo posted by the state department saying al-qaeda wasn't planning any attacks would show incompetency at the state department level, and maybe the white house. with this ever-changing story, with every memo we find being deleted, it's obvious they are trying to cover their tracks. even th the washington times sas secretary hillary clinton must explain why this part of the historical record was removed and what other incriminating documents have been removed or destroyed. the pieces are starting to come together tonight, and that's why the state department went ballistic when the ambassador's journal was found. they're trying to convince you this was a spontaneous event prompted by a video on youtube. they've attempted t
Sep 3, 2012 6:30am EDT
storm ravaged louisiana a day ahead of the democratic national convention. the white house says he is going to meet with local officials and tour damage before addressing reporters at st. john's thebaptist parish. >>> joe biden will address the industrial organization. the large et federation of unions in the u.s -- largest federation of unions in the u.s. >>> the firsthand accounts of the mission that killed osama bin laden is released to the public. it was written by a navy seal on the mission who is no longer on active duty. he could face legal problems if the book is released because they say it's classified information. >>> the trial of major nadal -- nidal hasan moves forward tomorrow. he is accused of killing 13 people in a mass shooting at the texas base in november 2009. >> the unification church will hold a day of morning celebrating the -- >>> governor o'malley says the nation is not better off than it was four years ago and in appearance on sunday on cbs face the nation and cnn's state of the union the democratic governor said without a doubt, the nation is not as well-
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, fox news has confirmed that the white house has asked youtube to, quote, review the trailer. that sounds an awful like an administration strong-arming a private company. why? to censor its comment. but google, who owns youtube, will not remove this clip. how do we get to this frightening point? i think it began with this president condistantly apologizing to america, his willing tons reason with malevolent forces that are committed to killing us. let's take a look back to 2009, when he spoke in cairo in the same city that you are seeing right here, where islamists are chanting "death to america." watch this. >> i'm grateful for your hospitality and the hospitality of the people of egypt. i am also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace for muslim count -- communities in my country. >> 9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country. the fear and anger that it provoked was understandable. but in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals. we are taking concrete actions to change course. i have unequivocally p
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 9:00am PDT
taken to the streets shouting death to america. protesting the antes islammic film the white house blames for starting all of this. those deadly protests now span more than 20 countries world wide stretching as far away as sydney, australia. calm has now returned to egypt. the center of the so-called arab spring. but only because egyptian police have finally cleared protesters from the streets. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in washington. we have live team coverage from afghanistan to the white house. let's begin with conner powell who is joining us live from kabul. conner? >> a deadly few hours here in afghanistan. few hours ago we got word that a member of the afghan security forces turned his weapon on two nato troops and shot and killed killed -- late last night, the taliban launched a deadly and sophisticated raid on a very large u.s. and nato base in helman province of 10:00 p.m., dozens of insurgented launched an attack. they managed to go ahead inside the perimeter of the base. they launched rockets, grenades and small arms, attacks on that base, killing two u.s.
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
house republicans in for a criticism as well. >>> i thought it was a mistake on the part of the white house to oppose it. i think it was a mistake for republicans to go along with it. >> but on the issue of tax reform and how he would get to a balanced budget, romney offered few specifics on which tax loopholes he'd eliminate. >> give me an example of a loophole you will close. >> well, i can tell you that people at the high end, high income taxpayers are going to have fewer deductions and exengss. those numbers are going to come down. >> paul ryan, just as evasive on specifics saying not till after the election. >>. >> we want to have this debate with congress and we want to do this with the consent of the elected representatives of the people. >> over the weekend some methodologically questionable polling showed movement towards the president. before we join the hype we'll wait and see what polling from organization that is don't have a history of some odd september swing show but whether or not the president's bounce in the polls is real. the president is clearly showing a bounce i
FOX Business
Sep 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
decided to go forward with it. lou: thank you very much. ed henry reported from the white house. joining us now is doctor walid phares. middle eastern affairs analyst. and security analyst, kt mcfarland. under presidents nixon, ford, and reagan. also, ambassador john bolton. let's first go to what appears to be a complete intelligence failure. these actions could have been carried out by radical islamists without the knowledge of the u.s. >> the question as to the countries know -- did the leaders of libya now, and if they did, why didn't he stop them? this is a situation where within hours of each other, there were two coordinated attacks. that is an act of war. that is an act of war because the u.s. embassies overseas -- it's like attacking the united states. once 11 years ago and once yesterday. lou: in libya there is a perversion that u.s. forces fired on libya long before they killed our ambassadors and three other americans and injured others and stormed our embassy. it is a peculiar perversion of history. if you will, the expectation that this would be an act of war, many libyans
FOX Business
Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
egypt. president obama, who refused to take questions from the white house press corps did sit down with telemundo and tried to explain his view of the american relationship with egypt. he said i don't think we would consider them in our life that we don't consider them an enemy. a squall of criticism followed. the white house trying to explain what president obama meant to say. spokesman tommy bidder didn't help a white house effort. he said the word ally doesn't amount to much. and call the term ally a legal term of art. for the record, the oxford english dictionary defines the term as a person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity. not much art. in that, a simple word. not necessarily a term. for the president's enjoyment, enemy means a hostile nation or its armed forces or citizens. meanwhile from the white house come obama campaign, much of the mainstream media, and even some republicans going after governor romney's criticism of the initial apologies released by the cairo embassy. the very same words that were disavowed by president oba
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. and the white house distanced itself last night from the the statement, saying it wasn't cleared by washington. and reflects the mixed signals they're sending to the world. >> the president also faced the media on wednesday. >> the united states condemns in the strongest terms its outrageous and shocking attacks and working with the government of libya to secure our diplomates and to increase our security at places around the world. >> an extremely abbreviated time line, the question for us here on news watch, how did the media react or fail to react to the news and the real issues surrounding these events. let's first go to fox news correspondent shannon bream for more. >> late tuesday, mitt romney released a statement calling the initial response to the attacks in egypt disgraceful saying they appeared to quote, sympathize with those who waged attacks and that original response came in the the form of an embassy statement which secretary of state hillary clinton had reportedly rejected and senior officials say the white house never approved. yet, despite the distance the administration seeme
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 12:30pm PDT
differently? >> no. i do not begin to understand y white house and state department's indignation over the reporting of obvious news, every news organization would have done that. they were trying to change the subject. they wanted to make it about but now it looks like failure or failure to respond to an obvious threat. >> rick: we heard james report, this is an assistant deputy secretary of state, deputy assistant secretary of state. what is that to have a conversation with a reporter? >> dana writing in the "washington post". this is what you have now. they have a little cadre who sees themselves entirely as counter punchers and punching hard against the media and everybody else. it's a professional, letter gild of spin doctors and now we see one what they really sound and acted and talk about. everybody in politics knows them. >> rick: very little attention to this correspondence. when mitt romney goes overseas during the summer and one of his aides has a heated exchange with a reporter it's front page news. >> we have more evidence of the bias of the mainstream media. i agree it w
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,145 (some duplicates have been removed)